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Quilters Select - Made Specifically for Quilters!
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Select Soft Machine Batting

Select Soft Machine Batting is a downy yet durable batting, created for quilters who want to machine quilt and embellish without fear of distortion. This batting features a temporary, two-sided water-soluble fusible coating, which eliminates pinning and controls stretching and movement during embellishing. This unique blend of cotton and polyester includes a stabilizer which has been needle punched within the fibers offering superior support for your project! This batting has a smooth loft, with less resistance for hand quilters.

Directions for Use and Care

Using the fusible coating (no pinning)

  • All irons and vary in temperature settings. It is strongly advised to create a test piece prior to doing your full quilt.
  • Preheat Iron to approximately half its maximum temperature setting. This should register around a rayon or polyester setting.
  • Have a misting /spray bottle with water on hand - a finer mist works well.
  • Prepare batting flat on ironing board or surface.
  • Spray-mist the batting lightly and evenly.
  • Place the back of the fabric in desired position on the batting.
  • Press evenly, one section at a time and let cool to room temperature before advancing.
  • Do a test piece in advance to become comfortable with misting and fusing.
  • If there is a wrinkle in the fabric it should separate from the batting with moderate resistance. Simply repeat the mist and iron process.
  • After the fabric is adhered, flip over the batting and repeat the process if desired with the back or top fabric for your quilt. No pinning!
  • Once the piece is quilted or embellished it can be laundered in warm water. The fusible fibers will wash away in warm water (at or above 110 Ferinheight) and mild soap. DO NOT USE COLD WATER!
  • If any adhesion remains after washing, increase the water temperature and rewash.


Remember this quilt batting is coated with a temporary fusible coating. It is water soluble and will dissipate once the quilt is laundered in warm water. This feature is wonderful for eliminating pinning or basting. Warning - DO NOT OVER-SATURATE - only a light mist is required for fusing.

All irons heat differently. The iron temperature given above is a starting point. It is always good to start with a lower temperature on your iron, slowly increase the temperature until you achieve a good bond. Test before beginning your project!

Remember! This fusible feature is for basting only! It is not necessary to hold excessive pressure with your iron. 

Because of the natural fibers, expect up to 3-5% shrinkage.

Quilt up to 10" apart.