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Select Free Fuse

Quilters Select Free Fuse

Creating a semi-permanent bond between most fabrics, battings and textiles, this powder-like bonding agent is needle friendly and easy to use for creating a fusible bond on almost any project!

Sprinkle QS-Free Fuse over the base material, place the second piece of fabric over the top of the powdered surface, cover with parchment paper or a Teflon pressing sheet, apply direct heat and pressure with an iron or press (medium temperature) – hold for at least 4 seconds, the bond is now set!

Use for creating fusible quilt batting, fusible stabilizer, fabric to fabric - appliques, costumes, quilting, home dec and more! Available in 2 ounce shakers.

Single 2oz Powder Refills available!

Customer Reviews

Review by  Julie
(posted on 11/12,2018 21:45:40)
I tested Free Fuse on some placemats I was quilting and on a purse I made to fuse the foam stabilizer to the fabric. It does an amazing job of bonding the materials and came through the process of turning the purse right side out with none of the ugly wrinkles that fusible foam products often get. Really love this product!!! And there are not toxic fumes like the spray baste products have. Thank you for developing this.
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(posted on )
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