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Quilters Select - Made Specifically for Quilters!
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Select Free Fuse

Quilters Select Free Fuse

Creating a semi-permanent bond between most fabrics, battings and textiles, this powder-like bonding agent is needle friendly!

Sprinkle QS-Free Fuse over the base material, place the second piece of fabric over the top of the powdered surface, cover with parchment paper or a Teflon pressing sheet, apply direct heat and pressure with an iron or press (medium temperature) – hold for at least 4 seconds, the bond is now set!

Use for creating fusible quilt batting, fusible foundations, fabric to fabric - appliques, costumes, quilting, home dec and more!

Available in 2 ounce shakers and refills.

Watch Tracey Mooney, Executive Producer of Quilt & Tell podcast, rave about Quilters Select’s Free Fuse:


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Johnette
(posted on 09/09,2022 21:37:39)
This stuff is great! If the powder was tinted some color it would be ever so much easier to to coverage on light batting. Grey would show on light and dark batting.


Thank you for taking to time to post your review. I will pass on the recommendation for adding color.
Review by  Caty-Did
(posted on 07/30,2022 00:43:06)
I LOVE this product. I have tried basting sprays and basting with thread, nothing worked as well as this! No slippage even if I have to wait to finish the quilting. A little goes a LONG way. Thank you for this creation.
Review by  Dmcclain
(posted on 07/28,2022 23:55:38)
Love this stuff. Works great. Makes basting a quilt so much easier. ??
Review by  Jan
(posted on 07/28,2022 22:32:57)
I like the concept. I should have had enough to fuse both sides, but you can't tell it is covered, light color would be awesome. Cardboard shaker is too full in the beginning, so coverage is sparse, as you use, it shakes out more easily. I hate trying to put on the lid. I won't spend any more money buying the refill, till color change is addressed.


Thank you for taking the time to post your review. I will pass along the feedback regarding color; the shaker design is under review/revision. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns. Warm regards,
Jennifer Gigas,
Chief Operating Officer, RNK Distributing
Toll Free (877) 331-0034
Review by  Pmorehead
(posted on 08/16,2021 10:40:38)
I’ve struggled for years with tucks in my backing fabric as I quilt even with pin basting close together. free fuse changed all of that. It’s easy to use, no mess, and it works. NO TUCKS. Thank you for inventing this it’s a life changer
Review by  QuiltyKat
(posted on 07/09,2021 11:22:45)
This product is a game changer. I am new to quilting and really struggled with pinning. I kept getting pinched stitches no matter how many pins I used. I tried a basting spray and that was a mess. This powder however was perfect. It didn't get all over everything, was easy to apply (once I got used to the shaker) and worked like a charm.
Review by  CEH
(posted on 05/06,2021 17:45:21)
I was very excited to use this product as I hate pin basting and the fumes and overspray issues with spray basting are just a pain. After struggling with the container, it worked great. I agree with another reviewer that having a slight tint to the powder would be very helpful but I can understand that would be a challenge to ensure no dye transfer.
Review by  Quilting Baba
(posted on 04/30,2021 20:04:19)
I've had this product for awhile & finally was ready to put a quilt together. Didn't think it was smart to start off with a queen size but did it anyway. Much easier for my hands than pins. I did the center on my cutting table, then each side. First backing, then top. When completed, rolled it on a pool noodle (extended with a portion of another one). LOVED IT. Did take me a bit longer but then again, learning curve on using powder. I will be buying a salt shaker to replace the cardboard container. I had the same problem to refill, hard to take top off. Minor detail. This will now be my only choice for putting a quilt together. Thank you for sharing this wonderful product. I expect when I quilt it on the machine, even if I get a few puckers, the whole process will be much easier than constantly stopping and removing pins as you go.
Review by  Maryfran
(posted on 03/15,2021 14:42:36)
I just love Free Fuse. I wish i could get it locally. It’s as pricey as basting spray but at least I don’t pay shihipping sinc I can buy it locally. Please get it into the Rochester, NY market.
Review by  Pam Miller
(posted on 02/04,2021 01:45:16)
I have used this product recently and have purchased two refills for my next quilts...I purchased the refills and put the powder in a glass salt shaker...works great...have tried a similar product but did not care for as it was grainy not powder...thank you Pam
Review by  Nancy H
(posted on 12/30,2020 17:14:19)
I love this product. I’ve always hated the sprays. Only suggestion, since I sprinkled on my batting it would help if it came with a slight think, like pink, so I can see the coverage better. Just a thought that I know would help me. Have a Happy New Year!
Review by  carolm
(posted on 09/10,2020 20:23:53)
I do love this product, but i don't like the container. I find that getting the top off to refill it is next to impossible without totally destroying the container! Am I the only one? As I say I do love the product and will continue to use but will buy a new container each time and not do the refill.


Thank you for your review, we are so glad you love our Free Fuse Powder! Some of our educators like to put the shaker top into the container "upside down" so the holes are on the inside of the tube. This way the powder can still be sprinkled, but it is easier to pull the top out when it is time for a refill.
Review by  Lynndpi
(posted on 02/22,2020 18:06:12)
While making a king-size quilt I discovered this amazing product. As you know, king size takes gobs of pins which equals gobs of time. This simplified the process and I LOVE IT! Thank you!
Review by  PamKittyMorning
(posted on 08/15,2019 17:35:16)
I can't express enough how much I love this product. It's soft, doesn't gum up my needle and best of all shakes out in a controllable way. So easy to prep my quilts and machine quilt them.
Review by  Pat
(posted on 07/13,2019 18:34:20)
Just tried Laura Rapai's can of Free Fuse and absolutely love it! Sooo much more convenient than any other method of fusing fabrics. Faster, and no mess! I will definitely get some of this and recommend it to everyone!
Review by  Di
(posted on 05/27,2019 16:52:23)
I used this for the first time when making a quilt for my great granddaughter. I fused the quilt sandwich for the center panel. The best & easiest quilting I have ever done. I now have another quilt fused & ready to quilt. I plan on demonstrating this at my quilt guild so be prepared for sales! I'm hoping I can find it locally or online.
Review by  Julie
(posted on 11/12,2018 21:45:40)
I tested Free Fuse on some placemats I was quilting and on a purse I made to fuse the foam stabilizer to the fabric. It does an amazing job of bonding the materials and came through the process of turning the purse right side out with none of the ugly wrinkles that fusible foam products often get. Really love this product!!! And there are not toxic fumes like the spray baste products have. Thank you for developing this.
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