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Quilters Select - Made Specifically for Quilters!
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Craft N Cut


The Perfect Software Match for your Fabric & Vinyl Cutting Machines! Software comes with Educational training videos by Hope Yoder and over 200 of her Exclusive Designs!

Box Set Includes:

  • Craft-N-Cut™ Software
  • Over 200 Designs by Hope Yoder
  • Hope Yoder Training Videos
  • RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape
  • Quilters Select Appli-Stick Stabilizer

The select software to take you directly from the box to crafting your own special designs with the fabric & vinyl cutting machine you already own!


In addition to its suite of editing tools for artwork & appliqué, ONLY Craft N Cut™ has the feature Save 2 Cut, which calculates the settings your machine needs for your chosen design and material! Cut out the guesswork and unleash your creative possibilities!

  • FULL-FEATURED ARTWORK Tools for creating designs!
  • VECTOR ARTWORK EDITING Tools to modify designs!
  • EMBROIDERY APPLIQUÉ TOOL for creating appliqué stitches!
  • EMBROIDERY RUN STITCH TOOL to create run stitches!
  • WORD PLAY TOOL to fill shapes with words!

This introductory offer of the software also includes:

  • Over 200 exclusive Craft N Cut™ designs by Hope Yoder
  • Educational DVD featuring Hope Yoder, with training videos on the software AND ready-made projects
  • Quilters Select Appli-Stick, the perfect stabilizer for the appliqué process
  • RNK’s Embroidery Perfection Tape, as recommended on the Educational DVD

Check Out Draw-N-Cut Now!

** Windows® 8 and up, 64-bit Operating System Required**


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Customer Reviews

Review by  CJ
(posted on 04/01,2018 19:42:36)
I love this software. I have a bigger cutting machine also, but this is my go to machine because of the software Thanks for showing me how to weld the letters together!!!! I do lots of aprons, T-shirts and hoodies.
Review by  Redrob
(posted on 11/19,2017 23:39:27)
I love my Craft n Cut. It is so easy to transfer any image to a cut image with the "Wizards". My cutting machine literally sat unused before I bought this program, now I use it constantly. I would recommend this to everyone with a desire to use a cutting machine, new or experienced.
Review by  pam
(posted on 12/15,2016 01:09:13)
I need a manual I think when you spend this much you should at least be able to print a manual


Hi Pam, The Craft N Cut manual can be accessed here:
Review by  Iris
(posted on 08/25,2016 10:48:50)
Love this, just received yesterday and already have it mostly figured out. Sew much easier & faster than my other software! Only wish it had a manual
Review by  Peggy
(posted on 07/07,2016 15:34:20)
This program is so easy to use, you can create your own designs with a click of a few buttons. I love the fact that it will read the svg files. It will also make you want to use your cutting machine more and not to be afraid of it. I would recommend anyone with a cutting machine to purchase this.
Review by  Leah
(posted on 06/30,2016 21:51:22)
I absolutely LOVE using Craft N Cut! It makes my crafting and sewing so easy!
Review by  Susan
(posted on 03/05,2016 11:33:04)
I love the ease of use. Save to cut is the best idea yet. I have struggled with trying to use my cutter for a long time because I couldn't figure out the settings. Now I don't have to!
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