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Quilters Select - Made Specifically for Quilters!
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Quilters Select Shears

This shear’s extra-long blades are made for smooth and precise cutting, allowing you to cut the most delicate fabrics cleanly and without snagging. The enlarged handle is designed for unisex use and comfort, so anyone and everyone can become an expert cosplayer! You will never have to struggle with cutting unstable or delicate fabrics ever again. Our Quilters Select Shears are the perfect addition to your creative arsenal!

For Use With:

Stretch fabric, brocade, organza, cotton, silk, satin, lace, flannel, suede fabric, canvas, and sew much more!

Shear Care Instructions:

Quilters Select Shears are precise instruments that will last years with simple care. Wipe the blades with a soft, dry cotton cloth after each use. Once a month, apply a small amount of oil (sewing machine oil or any penetrating lubricant) on the screw of the shear on both sides, then run a small bead up each blade. Open and close the shears several times, wiping the shears clean with a soft, dry cotton - cloth. This will allow your shears to be free of debris and will - ensure you a sharper, longer-lasting blade.


Sharpening and screw adjustment should be performed by a qualified scissors expert only. Consult with your retailer or refer to the guarantee section.


Overall length: 9.125"

Limited Warranty:

Quilters Select warrants this product from defective workmanship and materials as long as you own the product. Misuse and abuse of the item will be excluded from this warranty. To have the shears factory sharpened. Please send $6.00 for shipping and handling to:

RNK Distributing
2562 Western Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37921
Toll Free (877) 331-0034


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