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Quilters Select - Made Specifically for Quilters!
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Select 40 Bobbin Sets

NEW! Quilters Select 40 Bobbin Sets

Quilters Select 40 Bobbin Sets

The Quilters Select pre-wound bobbins have been a huge hit with quilters and embroiderers! Now you can buy the 80wt Class 15 bobbins in three sets of 40 bobbins each! One set gives you multi-color bobbins, another gives you all black and white and another gives you a range of neutral colors!

Three options available!
QS-B40MC: Multi-Color
QS-B40BW: Black and White
QS-B40NE: Neutrals

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Customer Reviews

Review by  Hazily
(posted on 08/17,2020 19:44:09)
Best thing I have added to the sewing stash in a long time! I have a bobbin in almost any color I need. I hate to wind bobbins and have used prewounds for years. Need to get another set of Class L now! Only complaint is that some of them are nearly impossible to start. Once I get them started they are wonderful.


Dear Hazily, Thank you so much for your review and comments. So glad you love our Quilters Select Bobbins. A tip for finding the “tail” of the thread is to use our amazing RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape to “stick and lift” the loose thread from the bobbin. Just use a small piece, stick it to the thread on the bobbin and lift - the thread tail should stick to the tape.
Best wishes,
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(posted on )
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