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Quilters Select - Made Specifically for Quilters!
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Select Precision Machine Quilting Ruler

Quilters Select Machine Rulers

A new line of Quilters Select Rulers, which have been specifically designed for machine quilting and long arm quilting!

New Shapes and Sizes for 2021! ¼ inch thick (6mm), clear acrylic quilting rulers specifically made to create easy clamshell, circles, scallops and more shapes to use with a Ruler Work Presser Foot!*

With the same Non-Slip coating that makes Quilters Select® Rulers a must-have for crafters everywhere, this new line of rulers brings a new level of precision to long arm quilting! Never again will you have to worry about your rulers slipping as you guide your quilt and ruler through your machine. The new finger grip holes enhance your ease of placement and movement.

In addition to there’s also straighter edge rulers in 2” x 8” & 3” x 12” sizes, perfect for stitching in seams, echoing, crosshatching, parallel lines, geometric machine quilting, or border designs!

Like all Quilters Select® products, this ruler is designed for both left- and right-handed quilters, with markings that can be read both ways. The ¼” vertical lines along the sides are ideal for straight line quilting, and the 45° and 60° angle lines open more creative possibilities than ever before!

Easy to hold onto while working, ¼” thickness make them perfect for long arm machines, the new Quilters Select® Precision Machine Quilting Rulers is a great addition to your craft room!

*NOTE: These will not work with a low shank foot.

Precision Machine Quilting Ruler 2" x 8" Video

Quilters Select Machine Rulers

Sizes Available

All rulers ¼ inch (6mm) thick.

2” x 8“

3” x 12“

3” & 1.5” Diameter Arcs

4” & 2” Diameter Arcs

5” & 2.5” Diameter Arcs

6” & 1” Diameter Arcs


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Quilter on the beach
(posted on 12/13,2021 20:44:32)
Best machine quilting rulers ever. Easy on the hand. Doesn’t move at all. I have them all. Hoping for a bigger variety of patterns
Review by  Ellie
(posted on 07/22,2021 20:25:42)
I love the way this can be maneuvered without slipping, and being able to seeing the fabric and stitches because it is "see-through" is awesome! I am not able to find it near Urbana, IL, so I hope to find a store to contact and order it . I want to use it because my quilting would improve.
Review by  Lucy D
(posted on 05/18,2021 12:28:21)
I want more!!!!!!! QS rulers have spoiled me. Don’t want to use anything else.
Review by  Arizona quilters
(posted on 02/25,2021 21:01:51)
Easy to hold still and does not slip, please make more rulers (waves, circles, ovals, etc). So much easier to use than other rulers with the non-slip surface and holes for fingers, love it.
Review by  Daisy
(posted on 02/25,2021 02:28:05)
I have the ruler, but haven't used it, yet. Was glad to see the video. I have a few of your other rulers. I love the free pattern. Thank you
Review by  Vicky
(posted on 02/03,2021 17:16:15)
I didn’t know QS had quilting rulers! When I saw it online, I ordered it immediately because I love my QS cutting rulers, mat and rotary cutter. I’m new to ruler work so only have 2 rulers, each a different brand. After using my QS this morning, this is my brand! I’ll be watching anxiously for more styles to be available! Please hurry!
Review by  Wendy
(posted on 11/09,2020 02:59:19)
I tried this ruler for the first time a few days ago and I can't put it down. I LOVE it. I can't tell you how many long arm quilting rulers I have, but I'd replace them all with Quilter's if I could. It not only doesn't slip, but I can literally straighten uneven seams with it before I stitch. Did I say I LOVE it? I hope you will make more shapes and sizes. By the way, I have nearly all of your regular rulers, too. Love them.
Review by  Rob
(posted on 08/20,2020 14:41:07)
This has become my favorite ruler for ruler quilting. It is just the right size for those of us who move the quilt rather than the machine and the nonslip coating works better than anything I've added to my other ruler quilting rulers. It also has lots of useful markings. I hope Quilter's will design some more rulers for ruler quilting. Simple shapes, like an arc or two based on an oval and some arcs based on circles would be great as they can be adapted for any number of designs.
Review by  Mary Ann
(posted on 08/07,2020 23:37:25)
Just about the best thing that all Quilters rulers have is their dual numbering. They run in both directions with one direction printed in black and the other in transparent. So, no flipping of your ruler!
Review by  Janet O.
(posted on 05/26,2020 03:48:53)
I have been using the rotary cutting rulers since a friend sent me one sometime last year. I was so impressed I ordered a couple more online and then took them to my favorite quilt shop to show them how well they work. After they ordered them in I bought more, and have touted them (and given one away) on my blog. Just before the pandemic I bought this one for machine quilting. I have been using it to quilt a king size T-shirt quilt on my sit-down long arm. It has been amazing! Prior to this I had tried every "home remedy" on my other long arm rulers to keep them slipping, and had been discouraged every time. This has been such a good experience to use this ruler, and I can't wait for more!
Review by  Mary
(posted on 04/09,2020 20:51:08)
Have begun switching over... suggestion for the future... MAKE THE NUMBERS LARGER!
Review by  LorrieBell
(posted on 03/31,2020 04:11:02)
I’ve almost switched out all my old rulers for the QS. Love them! Can’t wait to find this newest one for my longarm.
Review by  Lattiedah
(posted on 03/25,2020 21:17:01)
I have a few of these rulers and like them a lot. this new one is intrigueing.
Review by  Kmac
(posted on 02/13,2020 15:12:04)
I’ve used a bunch of different brand rulers and this is by far the best I’ve found
Review by  Stevie
(posted on 01/24,2020 16:17:19)
The best non-slip rulers I've found. They are the greatest.
Review by  WilderWoman
(posted on 01/17,2020 01:21:40)
This ruler is awesome. Just like the cutting rulers, it does not go any when quilting. I no longer have to kill my fingers by pressing hard to make sure the ruler doesn't slip under my needle. I don't know what the holes are for but I find them handy for holding and making minor adjustments. It's a perfect size too. Love, love, love. I can't wait until they come out with more.
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