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Quilters Select - Made Specifically for Quilters!
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Select Rotary Cutter (45mm or 60mm)

Introducing the latest addition to the Quilters Select line of quality quilting tools: The Quilters Select Rotary Cutter!

The Select Rotary Cutter's innovative ambidextrous design ensures precise cutting from the left or right side. The unique and easy magnetic blade replacement system means you'll never drop a blade again! Replacement blades available in 45mm packs of 1 blade or 5 blades.

Available Items

QS-ROTARY (45mm)
Select Rotary Cutter

1 Blade Replacement Pack

5 Blade Replacement Pack

QS-ROTARY60 (60mm) Arriving Late 2019!
Select Rotary Cutter

QS-RB60M-1 Arriving Late 2019!
1 Blade Replacement Pack

QS-RB60M-5 Arriving Late 2019!
5 Blade Replacement Pack


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Avid quilter
(posted on 08/18,2019 00:19:11)
This rotary cutter is very well balanced and is worth every penny especially if you are ambidextrous like me. Love it almost as much as the rulers and the mat.
Review by  Pauline
(posted on 04/01,2019 14:01:20)
Highly recommend this cutter! Very easy to use; accurate cutting; changing blades not hard.
Review by  DiAnne Craig
(posted on 03/19,2019 00:24:15)
I used this amazing cutter at a quilting retreat last week. I was so excited to see how this really cut like butter! I will add this one as my go to cutter!
Review by  Quiltnow
(posted on 03/08,2019 01:58:28)
The best, love the weight also I am left handed,it easy to switch to the right with a little tap of the cutter.I have a small problem and will contact service for advice. I have recommended this cutter to many and at retreat have let others use it to see how great it is.
Review by  Shelley Scott-Tobisch
(posted on 11/19,2018 17:04:52)
I love this rotary cutter. The weight makes it easy to use as less pressure is required when cutting. Easy to open and close...brilliant! When used with Quilters rulers cutting is extremely accurate, fast and easy.
Review by  Ann
(posted on 10/07,2018 20:36:00)
You have given me an idea for Christmas presents for my Quilting friend.
Review by  MEK
(posted on 08/09,2018 19:34:44)
This is the best rotary cutter I have ever had. Nicely weighted and the blades last so much longer than other products
Review by  Lyric Girl
(posted on 07/29,2018 01:21:51)
Totally in love with this cutter. I have been dealing with a partially torn tendon in my right thumb and I am right handed. Cutting has become painful after doing it and I have tried every cutter on the market as well as using an Accuquilt when possible. At any rate, I recently learned about this cutter in an online sewing group I belong to. I figured I had nothing to lose and honestly didn't think that a weighted cutter could make cutting easier, but I was totally wrong. I have been using the cutter for a few weeks now and it makes a tremendous difference. Thank you for inventing an amazing tool.
Review by  QuilterMomma
(posted on 04/03,2018 22:31:31)
I so love this rotary cutter. I have gone thru Fiskars and a couple of other off brands which keep breaking on the mechanism. Plus, the blades are an issue to change out. With this cutter, all the complexity of changing out the blade is gone. The weight of it works so much easier on my shoulder and hands. Great product and worth the investment.
Review by  Stephanie
(posted on 03/31,2018 03:16:41)
May seem like it’s too heavy but it is perfect. The weight helps. I don’t have to apply as much pressure to get through several layers of fabric and the blade that comes with it lasts forever. I am in love with the rotary cutter. Certainly worth the money. The design is fabulous because you can cut with both sideshow you don’t have to move your fabric and ruler as often and line it up again. Saves quite a bit of time. Would like to see different colors in the future.
Review by  Tobies
(posted on 01/02,2018 16:06:46)
I like the idea of being able to use this cutter with both hands as I am a lefty. Like most lefties, I use both hands for many things. However, what is a little disappointing is that the tap to close only works in the right hand position unless you push the cover totally in the opposite position/past the closing if you are using it with the left hand.
Review by  Bobbie
(posted on 10/31,2017 14:06:55)
This is the best rotary cutter on the market! I broke my wrist earlier this year it was very hard for me to cut 2 layers of fabric because of having to use pressure on the cutter. With this cutter, because it is heavier, I do not need to push down to cut my fabric - less pain in my wrist. I also bought the 6 x 24 ruler. used the ruler to cut a satin fabric for a sash for Grandson's pirate costume - the ruler held even the satin in place. GREAT combo.
Review by  Mary
(posted on 09/22,2017 16:21:33)
This is the best rotary cutter I have ever used. I'm left-handed and I just love it. Great product
Review by  Alma Lou
(posted on 07/27,2017 17:05:24)
This is such a great rotary cutter, when I showed it to my quilting group, they were amazed and want me to get them one! They loved the weight that saves your shoulders! And the "either" side blade is super, especially when I shared it with them! And to change the blades! so quick and easy. It cuts easier and more accurate! I live in Jordan, so I will be stocking up for my gang~!
Review by  Mary B
(posted on 06/27,2017 20:06:36)
Bought mine @ B Sew Inn when I attended a class there recently. Best cutter I have ever used.
Review by  The Bag Lady
(posted on 06/01,2017 15:48:48)
I also bought this rotary cutter at a quilt show. I love it! It has a little extra weight to it and makes cutting easier. I would highly recommend it to anyone!
Review by  Tetamalu
(posted on 05/25,2017 15:39:03)
I took my cutter to quilting today. Now everyone wants one! Either hand, and cuts like a breeze. Quick cutting ensures accurate and clean cuts.
Review by  Bev
(posted on 05/15,2017 19:09:01)
It is definitely the best Rotary Cutter I have ever used. I bought it at Quilt Week-Paducah this year. My friend, Christine, used it at our last Sit n Sew and she immediately wrote down all the information so she could buy one. I will need one in other sizes too!
Review by  Nana
(posted on 04/25,2017 00:22:55)
I just bought this at a show. It cuts fabric like you're slicing butter! Smooth and quick!! I love it!
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