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Quilters Select - Made Specifically for Quilters!
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Select Self Erase Marker

2-in-1 Precision Tip Fabric Marker with Eraser!

  • Precision tip marker on one end with wide slant eraser on the other.
  • For quilting, decorative embroidery, handicraft, dressmaking and more!
  • Markings disappear automatically after 1-7 days, this may vary with material and surrounding such as temperature, humidity and air circulation.
  • Use on-board eraser for immediate removal.
  • You need to test the mark & ironing it on all fabrics before you do final project.
  • After marking, if it needs to be heated/ironed, treat with clean water to prevent discoloration.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Joan
(posted on 11/22,2022 16:00:21)
I love this marker and use it for everything. However, I wish the eraser lasted longer. It would be nice if RNK developed a stand-alone eraser.
Review by  Carolyn Jewell
(posted on 03/24,2022 19:15:52)
I had difficulty finding a fabric marker that would work with dupioni silk. After testing with markers I have with no success, I bought several others. None worked until I found this marker. It was great for my project. No ghosting. Came off as advertised. I am spreading the word to my sewing/quilting friends and dealers I know.
Review by  mary ellen
(posted on 02/18,2022 16:24:42)
Honestly, it's like mercury gliding over satin... it's AWESOME! I will NEVER use any other marker!!! It's glides so easily over the cotton quilting fabric I was using. There was no sticking and skipping of the pen on the fabric. It honestly is THAT good! Highly recommended!!
Review by  mzj
(posted on 04/12,2021 21:18:16)
I really like this marker! If I had a wish it would be that a fine point was offered . It disappears by itself quickly or over a day depending on things like humidity, or, if needed, the erasing solution in one end of the pen works fantastically! I am back to order more...perfect for both quilting and apparel sewing!
Review by  ann
(posted on 11/10,2020 23:55:18)
This is a great marker for fabric. The eraser works very well.
Review by  Carol
(posted on 08/25,2020 15:42:27)
I bought the marking pen right away. Unfortunately I live in New Jersey the marks do not last for more than a day sometime only an hour. It does erase with the erase end. Here is something interesting. I discolored a small area on a white background and it was part of a paper piecing project that I did not want to undo. I used the erase end over and over and magically the stain was gone. So even though I give it a 4 stars this side benefit should give it a plus.


We are glad to hear you have had such success with the Select Self Erase marker! The amount of time that the marks remain on the fabric will vary depending on temperature and humidity.
Best wishes,
Review by  Mary B
(posted on 07/11,2020 20:10:42)
Amazing marker. I threw away all the other marking pens I have tried. Clearly some thought went into the design of this marking pen. Need to let more retailers sell the Quilter’s line of products other than just one retailer
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