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Design N Quilt


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Design N Quilt System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Genuine Intel Pentium IV, 2GHz PC computer (or higher) 
  •  1024x768 video resolution with a 16-bit color display (or higher) 
  •  1 gigabyte of RAM 
  •  Microsoft® Windows® 8 and up operating systems 
  •  Minimum 1 gigabyte hard disk space available 
  •  Mouse 
  •  Requires 64 BIT processor


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Customer Reviews

Review by  Ginger
(posted on 03/16,2023 16:08:52)
I really like this product. I only have one issue. Would like to be able to make a pieced border without it having to be a squared block like a flying geese border and a striped border after.


So glad you are enjoying Design N Quilt. We will pass along your feedback/recommendation.
Review by  Mtnqltr
(posted on 05/09,2022 20:52:12)
I have not purchased this software so the one star review is for the fact that it seems it is not compatible with Mac computers. I am very disappointed and sad.


Thank you for contacting Quilters Select. The software is only a Windows based program. You can run Windows on a Mac by using a program called Bootcamp that comes installed on your Mac. There is another program called Parallels that will also allow you to run Windows. You should be able to download a free copy of Windows. Best Buy or another computer store should be able to assist you in this matter. Once you have Windows (if you choose to do so) you can run any Windows based programs on your Mac. A lot of other Quilters and Embroiders get a cheaper Windows laptop for only there Quilting and Embroidery software.
Review by  Tess
(posted on 05/06,2022 10:11:01)
This 1 star ranking is due to no pricing found. I am new to quilting and think this software looks AMAZING but need an easier...shorter way to get a price. Budgeting is my lifeline... I'll check back in for pricing.
Thank you very much for your message. I totally agree with you, the new Design N Quilt Software from RNK Distributing and Alex Anderson is AMAZING, and an incredible value at the MSRP of $799.99. While RNK does not set the retail price for its retailers, I believe most are honoring an introductory price of $599.99. Please visit RNK's Quilters Select Website to find a retailer near you by clicking here: https://quiltersselect.com/retailers.php Thank you again for your valued response.
Review by  ready to design
(posted on 04/29,2022 13:54:19)
Nice to see what this software can do - answered a lot of questions I had about the process. I am ready to move into this area.
Review by  Giuliana
(posted on 04/20,2022 11:47:38)
I’ve ordered it, so at the moment, this review is for what I am “hearing” it does. I will give you FIVE stars for the development of this software. I look forward to using and creating with it. I so appreciate that updates/upgrades are included going forward.
Review by  Ourgirls73
(posted on 04/12,2022 13:58:55)
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