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Quilters Select - Made Specifically for Quilters!
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Select Non Slip Rulers

Since 2016, Quilters Select has been the makers of the REAL Non-Slip Rulers, gripping your fabrics and materials for easy, accurate cutting every time. Like all Quilters Select tools, they are ambidextrous in design, adjusting to YOU for quickness and efficiency.

Features easy-to-read lines for marking and measuring fabric, as well as multiple angles. Each ruler has a unique non-slip coating that makes for more accurate cutting! The one-inch lines with two sets of corresponding numbers that are placed around the perimeter of the ruler can be read left to right AND right to left – which means you never have to lose your place or count backwards! Makes squaring blocks easier than ever! Available in multiple sizes.

  • Easy to read lines for marking and measuring your fabric - 1/8”, ¼”, ½” ¾” and 1” markings as well as multiple angles.
  • Unique Non-Slip Coating
  • One inch lines with two sets of corresponding numbers are placed around the perimeter of the ruler and read left to right and right to left – never lose your place or have to count backwards!
  • This ruler features an exact measurement around the perimeter – no more accidental cuts and squaring your blocks has never been easier!

"How enormously thankful I am for your amazing rulers! I've tried almost every one on the market and find that the no-slip feature of Quilters Select rulers has improved the ease and accuracy of my cutting by100%. I have demonstrated the "magic" to fellow quilters, all of whom have switched allegiance to your products. It seems I’ve shared my enthusiasm with many others and I thought it was time to say Thank You directly to you.
Off to the cutting table to do some cutting - and to be thankful again!"


Unique Non-Slip Coating - Can be scratched off by contact with an abrasive surface, rubbing against other rulers/tools or coming into contact with oils/lotions on our hands. The adhesive wearing away from the edge of the ruler will not effect its grip as the “hold” is in the majority of the ruler. The numbers and lines will not be affected from the wearing off of the adhesive.

Sizes Available

2.5” x 2.5“ (6.35 cm x 6.35 cm)

2.5” x 18“ (6.35 cm x 45.72 cm)

3.5” x 3.5“ (8.89 cm x 8.89 cm)

4.5” x 4.5“ (11.43 cm x 11.43 cm)

3” x 12“ (7.62 cm x 30.48 cm)

3” x 18“ (7.62 cm x 45.72 cm)

5” x 5“ (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm)

6” x 6“ (15.3 cm x 15.3 cm)

6” x 12“ (15.3 cm x 30.5 cm)

QS-RUL6X12P - Special Edition, Limited Quantities!
6” x 12“ (15.3 cm x 30.5 cm)

6” x 24“ (15.3 cm x 61 cm)

6.5” x 6.5“ (16.5 cm x 16.5 cm)

6.5” x 24“ (16.5 cm x 61 cm)

8” x 8“ (20.3 cm x 20.3 cm)

8.5” x 8.5“ (21.6 cm x 21.6 cm)

8.5” x 24“ (21.6 cm x 60.96 cm)

10” x 10“ (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm)

12.5” x 12.5“ (31.8 cm x 31.8 cm)

12” x 12“ (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm)

18” x 18“ (45.72 cm x 45.72 cm)

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Customer Reviews

Review by  Karen T
(posted on 08/31,2023 00:21:41)
I LOVE these rulers. But really hope you will make a smaller 3x6 or 3x8 (or similar) rectangle for easy quick trimming. This is the size that’s missing. Or possibly make a regular ruler thickness version of your 2x8 longarm ruler.
Review by  Joanne
(posted on 08/29,2023 17:35:55)
I bought one of your rulers and have not used any of my others since then. My lines and cuts are 200% better than they were. The backing made the difference.
Review by  Claudia
(posted on 08/22,2023 21:02:48)
This is the BEST quilting ruler I have ever used and I have many rulers since I have been quilting 45 years. Will never purchase anpother brand. I would like a 2.5 by 6 for smaller projects.
Review by  Retiredgeek
(posted on 08/02,2023 01:07:35)
Best rulers on the market, hands down!! These rulers never slip in the fabric when you are cutting. My cuts are so much more accurate since I got these. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another brand of ruler!!
Review by  Ruthi
(posted on 07/20,2023 15:00:14)
I love these rulers! They are the best. I would love to have a 6.5" x 18" ruler. I have to use my "other" brand ruler when I need this size and I fight it sliding all over! I use the 6.5" x 18" size ruler and would love to have it in a SQ Ruler!
Review by  PhyllisCreative
(posted on 05/02,2023 17:41:38)
I LOVE the Quilter's rulers. Not only are they nonskid, but the graphics are perfect! The uncluttered thin lines make it much easier to line up fabric for accurate cuts. My favorite size for anything less than full width of fabric is 3" x 18" long, since it is easy to handle but long enough for most cuts. I use rulers and rotary cutters for all my quilting and garment construction cutting plus other crafts and rarely use any I own except these lovely, non sliding rulers.
Review by  Loreen Henderson
(posted on 04/27,2023 15:06:00)
I have had this ruler for several months, it was given to me free, so I didn’t think anything about it. I was at a quilt class and a lady was fuming because her quilter’s ruler was missing. So loaned it and couldn’t remember who I loaned it to. I asked someone at the shop to show me one of the rulers, I thought, I have one of those at home. I got it out and started using it. Why did I wait so long? This ruler is the best, nothing is slipping with this ruler. You line it up properly and don't even have to worry about fabric slipping.
Review by  Heidi
(posted on 04/22,2023 01:30:53)
Love the rotary cutters and rulers! My favorite.
Review by  Shorty
(posted on 03/13,2023 11:22:44)
I need an 18 1/2 square ruler. Quilters are the best rulers I have ever used. I have every one of the rulers I have been able to find. Great rulers.
Review by  Teresa Ayars
(posted on 03/12,2023 23:03:52)
I have several of the rulers , a rotary cutter and a mat. As I expand my supplies I’ll be buying these rulers. My local quilt shop is carry more sizes as room becomes available. I’ve expressed to them how much I like these rulers
Review by  Deb
(posted on 03/11,2023 18:19:51)
These are the top tool in my sewing room they are wonderful
Review by  Darlene
(posted on 03/05,2023 00:07:26)
I LOVE this ruler! I was skeptical, but purchased on the recommendation of my favorite quilt store. I have four now and never use the others... I have one ruler with an issue, and I'll be in with the company to see what they can do, but - overall - this is a great product.
Review by  Tee
(posted on 03/03,2023 17:35:15)
Love my 6”x. 24” ruler but would like to have 6” x 36” to make cutting some wider items easier.
Review by  Carmen Maldonado
(posted on 01/14,2023 05:31:21)
I have these rulers and love them. They are the best.
Review by  Marcia
(posted on 01/12,2023 03:46:57)
I'm so happy with this rulers. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery and this ruler is so good that it allows me to cut with precision. Thank you so much!
Review by  MitchieP
(posted on 01/05,2023 22:57:54)
These rulers are wonderful. I love the non-slip features of these rulers. They stay in place while cutting fabric. What could be better. These rulers are my “go to” now. I highly recommend them. Totally worth the price!
Review by  B
(posted on 12/26,2022 23:13:11)
Best rulers. Totally worth the money. Replaced all my rulers with quilters .
Review by  Shala
(posted on 12/05,2022 16:24:15)
Excellent rulers!! Only ones I use! Need a 5 1/2 inch ruler please!!!!
Review by  Mary
(posted on 10/30,2022 12:15:01)
Love the non slip backing
Review by  Linda
(posted on 09/18,2022 23:49:05)
Easy to read. Love the non-slip backing.
Review by  Dinna
(posted on 08/16,2022 00:31:53)
Best non-slip ruler ever!
Review by  Cate
(posted on 08/14,2022 16:45:28)
Your ruler’s are amazing! I have introduced them to many of my sewing buddies and they too are amazed. They truly do not move when I’m cutting. I’ll be getting rid of my old rulers.
Review by  Sweetpea
(posted on 08/09,2022 18:41:51)
I think the Quilter Select Rulers are great because they don't slip. Because of my eyesight I would like to have the numbers a little larger and darker, but that's only me with my problematic eyes.
Review by  elvenfaun
(posted on 07/28,2022 15:40:27)
I am wheelchair bound and cutting accuracy is an ongoing problem. I needed a 4 1/2 inch square to square up some blocks and went to the local quilt shop and bought a Quilter's ruler for the first time. What a game changer! Being unable to stand, the stabilizing effect of the ruler made squaring up a breeze. Thank-you QS
Review by  Kathy C.
(posted on 07/25,2022 22:00:34)
I LOVE these rulers. I have been quilting for about 7 years, but still consider myself a beginner! These rulers came into my life a few years ago. I am just worried I didn't start out with them. They don't slip, come in great sizes and are worth every penny! I think my favorite is the 6 x 12, or maybe the 3 x 12. No probably the 6 x 24. Well maybe all of them. Thank you!
Review by  Amy
(posted on 07/15,2022 01:32:35)
Love, love, love my pink special edition ruler. As wonderful as the yellow rulers are, I find the pink even easier to see. I would buy a whole set in pink if I could.
Review by  Carol
(posted on 07/01,2022 22:28:38)
The best rulers out there
Review by  Carol
(posted on 06/28,2022 18:25:07)
The best rulers out there
Review by  Cristina
(posted on 06/22,2022 17:38:08)
I am a beginner quilter, taking my first class. I bought F-rulers which I have used in the past for other sewing needs. Just a small snip bit of my background, in a accident in which using my dominant hand, will at times become difficult in keeping straight lines straight in cutting and in marking. Just slightly frustrated, my Teacher just mentioned for me to at least try QS ruler to get feel, I should at least try different products that are available. OMGoodness, bought two different sized on the spot. What a wonderful tool. It is worth every penny! Non-slip and the measurements marking are so clear to see once you have your fabric under the ruler. Thank you for making such a simple task easy for me! I really want to quilt, but have hesitated for years due to a slight weakness in my hand.
Review by  Carol
(posted on 06/21,2022 21:49:51)
The best rulers out there
Review by  Nannan's Quilt Shop
(posted on 06/11,2022 18:57:51)
Love your non-slip rulers!!!
Review by  Karen
(posted on 06/07,2022 20:03:16)
Great rulers!! First ones I have ever found that really don’t slip!!
Review by  Cindy
(posted on 05/19,2022 19:07:26)
Love love love my rulers , mat and rotary cuter. Trying to find a shop that sells them because I want a couple of other sizes of rulers
Review by  Denver quilter
(posted on 05/02,2022 15:45:09)
These are the BEST rulers I have ever used! They stay in place and are easy to read.
Review by  Steve
(posted on 04/24,2022 20:55:41)
These are the best rulers out there. Period. End of discussion!
Review by  Gwenever
(posted on 04/19,2022 14:05:36)
Excellent, excellent,excellent!
Review by  Leslie
(posted on 02/22,2022 23:57:25)
Love, love love your rulers! Would you please consider coming out with these two sizes in rulers: 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 & 6 1/2 x 12 1/2
Review by  Krissybell
(posted on 02/18,2022 18:20:21)
Absolutely love these rulers. I purchase as many as I can when I find them at my local store. I have gotten rid of all my other rulers. QS rulers are so easy to use. No slip and more accurate cuts. I would love to see some different shapes, i.e. triangles et all.
Review by  TJ
(posted on 02/02,2022 17:16:25)
prefer the pink to the yellow!
Review by  Kay
(posted on 01/30,2022 00:31:10)
I love my non slip rulers. I wish now you would come up with one for a 10” & 12” cozy bowl
Review by  LindaQuilts77
(posted on 11/15,2021 19:04:26)
Accurate easy to read measurements and no slip equals perfection!
Review by  Ehawkinwa
(posted on 11/09,2021 05:15:06)
Love these rulers. Quilting with carpal tunnel and tendinitis is so much easier now!!!!
Review by  Maddie:-)
(posted on 10/30,2021 14:36:42)
Oh my goodness where do I start? The first time I saw this ruler I thought the thinner lines would make it easier to see. Boy was I surprised how quickly I fell in love. I really don't like the rulers with so many markings you can't see the actual lines. Not a problem here! But the anti slip coating... well that's the real story. The ruler doesn't move on the fabric. PERIOD. I don't have to press hard on the ruler. It just doesn't slip. The inch markings go both ways! Left to right and right to left. The light yellow coating somehow seems soothing as I locate the correct lines to use, softening the fabric colors. Very well engineered ruler. Thank you for making cutting more fun!
Review by  Gagnetwins
(posted on 10/27,2021 16:37:03)
Best rulers ever! Theses are the only ones I use.
Review by  Rosie
(posted on 10/14,2021 00:58:36)
Love these rulers, my husband quilts also but I will not share QS with him.
Review by  Vintagekindagirl
(posted on 10/09,2021 22:29:13)
Not only does the 6x24 stay secure, I can also read the fabric is and make extremely accurate cuts!
Review by  Barb
(posted on 09/24,2021 15:10:32)
Best rulers on the market! Non-slip, works great. Love to see a 2.5"x6.5" one, handy for paper piecing, etc. Barb M.
Review by  Hildie
(posted on 09/20,2021 22:32:21)
Best ruler for smaller pieces. Love to have one. My friend received one as a door prize at a quilt shop class. I’ve been looking for me.
Review by  TBLACK
(posted on 09/20,2021 19:06:48)
These rules are the best. Please make a 2 1/2 x 6 — so handy for scrap piecing!
Review by  Cheryl
(posted on 08/31,2021 18:38:50)
Love the one ruler that I own. Plan to purchase more.
Review by  Shirley
(posted on 07/23,2021 15:24:49)
I have several of these rulers and I've thrown out all my other ones. These are fabulous and I'll never use anything else!
Review by  Modelunited86
(posted on 07/07,2021 21:10:00)
I love the rulers I wish I had ALL of them!!!
Review by  Lau
(posted on 07/05,2021 23:33:33)
Love these rulers. I just keep adding to my inventory. I would love to add a 2 1/2 X 36. Because it is longer than most, I have the most trouble holding it in place. I am sure QS in that size would work perfectly.
Review by  Renita
(posted on 06/23,2021 14:05:21)
These are my favorite rulers. I was first introduced to them when I was having fabric cut at my favorite quilt store. She was cutting a few fabrics at the same time and I started to help hold the ruler in place, and she said said, "Oh, this thing doesn't move!" I've been buying only these rulers every since. I requested one my husband for Christmas, in the 8.5" x 24" size, and I wrote down "Quilter's " Non-slip Ruler, but he got me another popular brand instead. I recently tried it and it's just not the same, so I'm going to get the QS. I like that there are three different types of lines to line up your fabric: solid, short dotted, and longer dashes. I've noticed that with dark fabrics, you need to be in better lighting to see the edge of the fabric clearly, so that no shadows the thickness of the ruler fall across it Not too much of an issue, as I take off my glasses to see closer up. I love that the whole surface is non-slip, rather than spots that are spaced apart. I'm so glad that I was introduced to these wonderful rulers!
Review by  Teri
(posted on 06/14,2021 17:48:48)
These are the best rulers and they seriously do not slip!! Would love to see specialty rulers such as 60 degree and 45 degree.
Review by  Cygnets
(posted on 05/05,2021 21:07:16)
Love all of the Quilter’s rulers that I have, 5 in all. Are there QS rulers that are thicker to use with a quilting foot on a standard sewing machine?


We are so glad to hear that you love our rulers! We currently have a 2" x 8" machine quilting ruler that has the same non-slip coating and easy to read markings as the rest of our rulers, but is 1/4" thick to be used with a ruler quilting foot. We will have more machine quilting rulers coming out later this year!
Review by  UmaKathy
(posted on 05/04,2021 12:37:34)
I have tremors in both hands and cutting is difficult for me. So far I have 3 QS rulers and find them helpful in preventing miscuts. I like to purchase kits and 1 miscut can mean no quilt and more stash. To prevent damage to the nonslip membrane, I wrap a piece of muslin around the ruler when storing it. I plan to purchase more.
Review by  BarbB
(posted on 05/01,2021 01:35:21)
Love the rulers!!!! I own about 6. Would love 36" or larger. (And, yes, the edges do wear.)
Review by  Joyce
(posted on 03/27,2021 16:47:01)
I was recently introduced to Quilters rulers. My husband bought me one when we went on a cousins shop hop. I LOVE IT! I plan on purchasing other sizes after I decide which one(s) I need.
Review by  Kate
(posted on 03/17,2021 22:26:35)
LOVE these rulers. Only problem I have noticed is that the backing wears off near the edges. Shop I bought the first ruler replaced it, but the problem has arisen with this one. Otherwise, they are the best rulers available -- and I've tried a whole bunch of them!
Review by  Debby Sue
(posted on 03/07,2021 01:21:04)
The first non slip ruler i bought was the 3 x 12 size. I keep it on my table for easy access. It's wonderful. I no longer have to worry about the ruler slipping when cutting. No more wasted fabric especially when I am cutting binding. I just bought the 3 x 18 size, since the shop i went to isn't carrying the 6.5 x 24. I am looking for a shop that has this size.
Review by  Mary
(posted on 02/27,2021 23:27:36)
Love the rulers! I have 4. I find the plus half an inch rulers the most helpful and would love to see an 18 1/2 x 18 1/2 ruler. Several recent patterns I have made have blocks that square to that size.
Review by  Leslie
(posted on 02/17,2021 20:27:13)
I bought the 6 1/2 x 12 ruler & love it!! It really doesn’t slip! I’m hoping the company will come out with a 4 1/2x 12 1/2 & a 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 ruler. Have these sizes another brand & they are the sizes I use the most.
Review by  crazybird
(posted on 02/14,2021 17:12:28)
It is the best ruler ever! It is easy to read numbers and the numbers are clearly marked in both directions! It never slips as I cut. Couldn't be happier.
Review by  Celi
(posted on 02/13,2021 17:57:13)
Wow what a great new twist to an old product. Can’t wait to find a dealer by me
Review by  Mary A
(posted on 01/31,2021 19:28:15)
I love these rulers! Since.I bought my first set at a show, I’ve been replacing old rulers and only buying QS for new rulers. I wish they would start making templates like drunkards path, diamonds, triangles (for which I could use the rulers), etc. I can’t wait until we’re having our sewing shows again and I can fill in the gaps in my collection.
Review by  Sonya
(posted on 01/27,2021 01:53:00)
I bought the 6 X 24 inch ruler for quilting, and I love it! I love the non slip quality, but my favorite thing is you can see the marks clearly AND the fabric beneath it. So many rulers are just too busy. It’s my favorite!
Review by  robin
(posted on 01/02,2021 12:49:06)
Love your rulers, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a 36" ruler....
Review by  Linda
(posted on 01/02,2021 01:33:23)
These are absolutely the BEST rulers on the market, period! I have used them since the first time I saw them at a store program. They NEVER slip. Accurate cutting is finally a reality!
Review by  MyMommie
(posted on 12/31,2020 14:42:16)
I have 2 of these rulers and love them. I would like to replace my 12x12 and my cutting mat as well with Quilters . The extra cost is well worth the accuracy and non-slip feature. The light yellow hue really does show up the fabric well, any color fabric. It is just difficult for me to find these products. A must have for the serious quilter!
Review by  Cindy
(posted on 12/06,2020 03:35:48)
Love my cutting mats, rulers and cutters.
Review by  Nina
(posted on 11/27,2020 16:43:03)
Great rulers. They really are non slip! I was reluctant to get any of these because I have a very extensive collection of other brands, but these are much nicer and I will eventually replace most of the rulers I own. I like the finely painted markings and the nonslip coatings on the back. My only complaint is that they don’t have as many sizes as I would like.
Review by  Barbara
(posted on 11/10,2020 23:58:25)
I have ruined so much fabric ruler slippage, I decided to try these QS rulers and they are the answer! IMHO QS rulers rule!
Review by  Linda
(posted on 10/22,2020 20:33:03)
Best at not slipping - would like to replace all my rulers with Quilters!
Review by  Pad
(posted on 10/16,2020 20:10:45)
these rulers are by far the best on the market. They are true to the word of excellent. I would recommend them to anyone who has quilted or crafted and use rulers. In the past, I had the habit of my ruler slipping and making your regular cuts. With these rulers, that will never happen.
Review by  Gloria H
(posted on 10/15,2020 19:22:19)
Best rulers ever! I would love see a 4 x 6. I purchased the 8.5 x 24, I use it and my other brand 4 x 6 the most in all my cutting.
Review by  Pad
(posted on 10/12,2020 19:11:53)
these rulers are by far the best on the market. They are true to the word of excellent. I would recommend them to anyone who has quilted or crafted and use rulers.In the past, I had the habit of my ruler slipping and making your regular cuts. With a rulers, that will never happen.
Review by  Jacquie
(posted on 09/30,2020 04:07:03)
I have the 6X24 ruler. It is the best ruler I have ever used. I am interested in purchasing the 8.5X24. A great quilting ruler.
Review by  Padela
(posted on 08/18,2020 17:01:08)
Love them all
Review by  Patty D
(posted on 08/18,2020 16:59:41)
Greatest rulers I have ever used. And now, they are the only rulers that I will own, I sold all of my other ones.
Review by  Susan
(posted on 08/12,2020 18:06:56)
Great rulers! I wish I had all of them! I also wish there were some 1" x 6 or 1" X 12.


A Note from Kayly:
Thanks so much for writing in!
Great news, we do have a brand new ruler on the way which is 1.5” x 12”. Look for it at your Quilters Select Authorized Dealer this Fall!
Best regards,
Review by  Patty D
(posted on 08/09,2020 21:25:50)
Greatest rulers I have ever used. And now, they are the only rulers that I will own, I sold all of my other ones.
Review by  Regina
(posted on 08/09,2020 21:17:54)
This is a great product! Would be great to see these in metric measurments--I'd buy more!
Review by  Padela
(posted on 07/25,2020 20:33:35)
Love them all
Review by  Ronni
(posted on 07/02,2020 11:29:32)
I love my Quilter ruler! I bought a small one to see how they work and now I plan to buy a whole set. They really do not slip.
Review by  Jan
(posted on 06/18,2020 16:55:48)
Out of all the rulers I've bought over the years, this is, hands down, my absolute favorite! It's easy to read and easy to use.
Review by  Marty
(posted on 05/26,2020 18:42:08)
I love the rulers. The lines are thin, yet easily read, and go right to left or left to right! And the way they grip the fabric is great! No more slipping and miscutting!
Review by  Sherry
(posted on 04/26,2020 21:25:19)
I love these rulers. I have four of them and they have become the only ones I use any longer. The non-slip material is fantastic. When I set a rule I want to cut, I can move the fabric over on the cutting mat and the ruler does not move. If I want to cut something and be able to slide the ruler as I cut, I just turn the ruler over to the other side. Therefore, it has replaced my old Ones without non-slip.
Review by  Iowagal
(posted on 04/03,2020 13:02:56)
Love these rulers and are the only ones I use in my cutting projects. They truly do not slip and make the cutting more accurate thus a cleaner cut. I am going to include the rulers in my blog post for sure.
Review by  JO
(posted on 03/28,2020 18:15:09)
These are the best, safest rulers I've ever used
Review by  Deb
(posted on 03/22,2020 11:12:50)
Absolutely the BEST I want to replace ALL my rulers with these! The nonskid coating is amazing
Review by  polgun
(posted on 02/25,2020 16:49:22)
Hands down, these are the BEST rulers I have ever used. I like them so much that after my friends try them, they buy them for themselves and can't thank me enough for sharing mine with them. I am also left handed and can use my rotary cutter with either hand and I am successful with these rulers using both hands! No more pressing down and hurting my hands and arms trying to keep my ruler slipping especially at the top of my cut, just as I finish! I cant say enough good things about these rulers. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!
Review by  pinkflamingo57
(posted on 02/18,2020 18:16:39)
I absolutely LOVE the rulers, mat and cutter! It has made my cutting experience so easy and accurate! THANK YOU!
Review by  Bee
(posted on 02/08,2020 21:06:55)
We need to buy these in Canada. They are best rulers EVER!
Review by  SewLynn
(posted on 02/06,2020 03:33:03)
Not sure what could make these rulers better. My daughter gifted me the 6" x 24" non-slip ruler for Christmas and I've been saying 'where have you been all my life' ever since! Wonderful product, and I will be adding more.
Review by  Nancy
(posted on 01/27,2020 15:58:18)
Fantastic product
Review by  Idaho quilter
(posted on 01/04,2020 02:57:06)
I have taught quilting for years and promoted many products which I believed to help quilters get good results. Hands down, these are the very best rulers I have ever used! The non-slip back still allows you to slide the ruler for placement on your fabric but grips it beautifully when you cut. The best feature of the rulers are the fine markings which increase accuracy. I work on small blocks with many pieces. With the fine markings I can be very precise. Ask your local quilt shop to carry these.
Review by  Joyce
(posted on 01/04,2020 02:24:13)
Love, love, love these rulers. Think I have most of those offered. I’d love to find a triangle square up ruler.
Review by  Danielle
(posted on 12/22,2019 12:59:16)
The best rulers for quilting!!! Thank you for making these fabulous tools!
Review by  Teri
(posted on 12/05,2019 22:24:35)
These are the best rulers I have ever used. They are easy to read - I never cut the wrong size anymore and they do not slip. They are definitely worth the price!!!
Review by  Wotasik
(posted on 12/05,2019 18:44:51)
I absolutely love these rulers, I have 2 and am going online to purchase more. They really hold the fabric in place! Love them so much!
Review by  Gatermom97
(posted on 11/18,2019 03:02:35)
OMG, I know you’ve heard this before, but I LOVE your non-slip rulers! They are truly NON-SLIP people! I was forever having trouble with my ruler sliding to the right as I was cutting (I’m a lefty) so my strips/pieces were never accurate. Yes, they are a little pricey (you don’t get the JoAnn’s, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby coupon) but they are worth it! I also have mild tremors in my hands and the non-slip ruler helps that. Give one a try next time your in a shop that sells them. They let me take a ruler for a test drive and I used their rotary cutter too! Smart move on their part. It cuts like butter. Santa did you hear that. Ask them to show you the trick with the ruler and turning you piece around without the need for a rotating cutting mat. Needless to say I’m sold in these rulers! How about considering a 2 1/2” x 6” ruler to your collection, it’d make a great stocking stuffer!!
Review by  Tammie
(posted on 11/08,2019 06:40:04)
I had the pleasure of being introduced to this ruler at my Quilting 101 class. I wish I had waited to buy my rulers until AFTER that class because I would have saved a ton of money (I had purchased so many different types and styles of rulers). After using this ruler QS, it will be the only ruler that you will want to use. We were all wanting to use it at class, but there was only one ruler to share :)
Review by  MerrillD
(posted on 11/08,2019 00:54:19)
The best ruler I own. Wish I had known about these before I bought a dozen trying to find one that didn’t slip.
Review by  Sue
(posted on 11/06,2019 20:21:47)
Love my 2 non-slip rulers! I frequently use a 2 1/2 x 6 1/2, any plans for offering this size?
Review by  Sew Thankful!
(posted on 11/06,2019 13:12:07)
My local quilt shop showed me the magic of the non-slip rulers. I purchased the standard 6x24 ruler to see how it would work for me. I have a bulging disc in my neck that had caused some strength issues in my right arm; so my cutting has been hindered a bit. I used a grip handle for my ruler but still struggled with slippage. Your ruler has made my cutting so much better!! A nice sharp blade with this ruler is a wonderful combination!! Thanks sew much!
Review by  tammyk73881
(posted on 11/01,2019 12:09:44)
I love the quilters rulers. I am a self taught beginner quilter and my 1st project I didn't use these rulers and it has been a nightmare. Nothing Was straight or square. I was given 2 quilter squares by my mother-in-law and they have been God sent. . I was frustrated I was going to buy more material and just start over. Glad I watched a few YouTube videos and used my new squares. I was able to save a lot of the original fabric with these rulers not to mention a lot of money. Oh did I mention it is a long size quilt for my bed. Lol! I like to go big!!! ???? You can't go wrong with this investment!
Review by  Laceysgrandma
(posted on 10/28,2019 20:47:47)
I love these rulers! They don’t slip when used with their cutting maps!! A little pricey but well worth the cost! However, I would love a Q.S. non-slip ruler measuring 2 1/2” x 6 1/2”, please!
Review by  Alice
(posted on 10/23,2019 16:22:35)
I love these rulers!! I would like to see a 6" x 36" ruler or a 4" x 36" ruler.
Review by  Becky H
(posted on 10/17,2019 15:47:24)
Love these rulers,have two and will be purchasing another one tomorrow. also have the mat can't say enough good words about them..
Review by  UM
(posted on 10/15,2019 15:24:55)
Where has this ruler been all my life?? This is the best thing since sliced bread.
Review by  Kathy
(posted on 09/30,2019 14:00:43)
Your rulers are the absolute best. The only ones I use now. They work so great and fabric does not slip. They are worth every penny.
Review by  Barb
(posted on 09/12,2019 01:51:31)
I love your rulers and am anxiously waiting for you to come out with a 4”x8” one!
Review by  Dee
(posted on 08/15,2019 18:39:11)
I love them, however I need a true 14 inch square ruler yesterday, I hope you plan on making one, and a 16 inch square also. I seldom use the half inch rulers, and like the way they hold the fabric when fussy cutting. I have the 6 x 24, and the 6 x 12 inch rulers, as well as the 5, 10, and 12 inch square rulers and the 3 x 12 inch ruler. I do intend on adding a few more additional sizes in the near future. Keep adding to the collection please.
Review by  Teri
(posted on 08/13,2019 14:53:07)
I love these rulers! I have many rulers that are excellent, but one of my quilty friends said she uses the Q rulers, and she now uses only them. So I purchased your 18"x18", 6"x12" & the 5"x5" and definitley will be adding more to my collection. I love the control these rulers give me, I never worry about them shifting or moving in any way. Thank you for this wonderful product.
Review by  Laura
(posted on 08/08,2019 20:44:17)
I love your rulers. When are you going to make a triangle ruler? I like the ones with points on all three edges
Review by  Barbee
(posted on 07/26,2019 15:41:22)
Best rulers ever! They stick to the fabric!
Review by  Gatermom97
(posted on 07/23,2019 03:19:18)
I’m in love???? with your rulers! I own 4 racks of rulers that I have collected over the 25 yrs that I have been quilting. The unique non-slip coating is by far superior to ANY ruler I have ever tried or used or own. I was so desperate to get my own ( It is hours to the closest retail seller and didn’t want to wait on mail order) my husband and I were traveling across country and I was sure there would be at least one shop in our path, and to my joy there were several. I am the proud owner of 2 rulers now and plan to continue adding to my collection!! Typically the longer the ruler the more of a chance you have of the ruler shifting to the side as you move your rotary cutter down the ruler, with your ruler that is not the case. I also have developed slight hand tremors and the non-slip feature truly helps by providing that slight friction needed to help prevent any slipping/shifting of the ruler and fabric. Thank you, J.W.
Review by  Sherrie
(posted on 07/14,2019 10:46:27)
Absolutely love these rulers, especially for trimming a quilt for binding.
Review by  Annie
(posted on 07/04,2019 02:27:50)
Love, love, love! Always used a weight on top my ruler to keep it skidding. I don’t have to now. Sharing my find with my quilting sisters! Would love a 2 1/2” x 18!!!
Review by  Sandy
(posted on 06/15,2019 15:00:40)
I have 3 of them and use nothing else if I can help it. When I saw Alex at Paducah I told her I would love to have a 1 or 1 1 /2. She suggested I let you know and maybe it would be a future product.
Review by  polgun
(posted on 06/07,2019 14:18:41)
Best rulers ever! Since discovering these rulers my cutting is more accurate (these rulers don't move or fishtail at the end of a cut) and my blocks need very little squaring to make them perfect. I have introduced them to several friends and they have also converted to these rulers. I'm so glad the smaller sizes are now available.
Review by  Paula Bee
(posted on 06/03,2019 17:00:56)
I have had a tremor in my left hand since I was 17 and have always had difficulty keeping the ruler in place when cutting, especially strips. These non-slip rulers have been a godsend!
Review by  Susie K
(posted on 05/27,2019 14:00:23)
I tried the ruler at a quilt show. Bought 2 that day and when I find a display, I buy another one. I also tell every quilt shop I visit about them. They are wonderful! No slipping. I don’t use any other ruler if I have the right size. Thank you
Review by  MdinMinnesota
(posted on 05/10,2019 17:19:33)
What can I say!!! These rulers are the BEST! NO slipping! Just waiting for them to come out with more sizes. I'll be the first one in line!
Review by  Lori t.
(posted on 05/08,2019 04:56:53)
Love the rulers
Review by  Kristi D
(posted on 05/04,2019 00:01:12)
6x"24" and 5"x5" Quilters ruler and buying more. LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM! It keeps the fabric exactly as I measure and cut it. My friend, Tina, found the first one at a N.C. quilt store while on a retreat. I bought my 6x24 online after borrowing Tina's ruler at our N.C. Retreat. I should be a REP for Quilters because I showed them off at a quilting retreat in Stark, FL. and let complete strangers make my cuts on my fabric projects. Showing one of the girls my rulers, she told me and showed me she cut a chunk of her finger off before and cutting is what she said she hates the most, makes her panic and break out in sweat. With some encouragement she tried the Q.S. and LOVED the rulers. I even loaned out my 5x5 to a friend at the retreat, her project was making and cutting her 5x5's saved her a ton of aggravation. I can't sing Q.S.rulers praises enough, we are also requesting our local Quilt stores carry them. It's all thanks to my friend Tina for finding them!
Review by  LoriM
(posted on 04/14,2019 16:30:10)
I love this ruler! The no slide feature saves me so much time when cutting fabric. I will be purchasing more of them!!!
Review by  Emhdwr
(posted on 04/09,2019 00:49:50)
Review by  grannyjan
(posted on 04/09,2019 00:07:28)
This ruler is all that they say it is. No more slipping while cutting fabric. Problem is, I want them all now!
Review by  Avery
(posted on 03/31,2019 21:44:27)
I love, love, love these rulers. I have 3 of them. What we really need is a ruler 2 1/2 wide for cutting strips. Any chance we might see one soon?
Review by  Bonnie’s baby
(posted on 03/20,2019 16:20:10)
I have been using these rulers for a couple of years absolutely great. Been a quilter for about 30 years tried everything this is the best new thing on the market.
Review by  Paula
(posted on 03/16,2019 15:11:44)
I love these rulers! they are TRULY non-slip. I have 5 of them so far and plan to order more. Please make more with 1/2 sizes.
Review by  Suze
(posted on 03/08,2019 23:15:00)
I love, love these rulers! Never skip and easy to read. No glare or yellow on them, making it hard to match ruler to cutting mat. I have 6 so far and will replacing my other rulers with Quilters ! Please make a 2 1/2 x 18” ruler! That is a must have for me.
Review by  KC
(posted on 03/08,2019 21:26:08)
I bought 2 of the rulers at a quilting workshop yesterday. I absolutely love them!! I had never heard of Quilters before. The vendor was demonstrating & I knew I had to try them out. I have been working on my mystery quilt project all day. The ruler 8x8 hasn't slipped once while cutting & it is much easier to read the numbers. I have to get more of these
Review by  Pam
(posted on 03/04,2019 15:44:32)
Best rulers I have ever used. But not only the rulers. I have the mat, cutters, glue sticks, and replacement rotary blades. I would highly recommend any of them. Great products.
Review by  Mery
(posted on 02/26,2019 03:41:26)
Love, love, love your staff! I have the Rotary Cutter, the mat and a few rulers! Would you consider making a 2.5x18" ruler? That would be awesome!
Review by  Bunnie
(posted on 02/16,2019 04:33:02)
I love your rulers. Just tried one at a quilt class and bought six different sizes. I would love a 8.5 x 12.5. I use this size a lot. Also 2.5 sq. 3.5 sq and 4.5 sq and 9.5 sq would be great. I can’t wait to show my quilting friends your great rulers.
Review by  gmasandee
(posted on 02/15,2019 17:26:51)
The BEST rulers ever! No slippage! I believe I have all their current sizes now...cant wait for more. Would love to see a 6.5 x 24 and 8.5 x 24 along with more squares.
Review by  Debbie
(posted on 02/13,2019 10:57:32)
Alex, I have been out of the quilting game due to RA in my hands. A year ago all of my quilting supplies have been stored away, out of sight, out of mind. Needless to say, I stay away my quilting room. It is too depressing to know that my love of quilting is in the past. Yes, I can enjoy quilts, but creating a quilt is an expression of soul, so to speak, something that I have accepted RA has stripped my life. My dear friends Bente and Anna were at a quit retreat last week and were introduced to Quilters rulers. They both thought this tool would assist with my rotary cutting since I would not need to apply force on the ruler to avoid slipping. It works beautifully! Last evening I cut and pieced half of a baby quilt that was started over a year ago. Thank you for a wonderful product. I can't wait to go shop hopping to find an array of tools that will once again allow my soul to soar! May God continue to bless you. Thankfully yours, Debbie Goff Sistersville, WV
Review by  Dawn Newbre
(posted on 02/12,2019 22:30:18)
I have 3 of your rulers and love them. Looking to buy more.
Review by  Debbie
(posted on 02/01,2019 14:02:24)
I love these rulers. I have three of them and use them all the time. I live in Maryland and they are hard to find. Thank you
Review by  Quiltgal56
(posted on 01/30,2019 17:18:42)
My husband got me the 6x24 ruler for Christmas. I absolutely love it! I took it with me to a retreat 2 weeks ago and let my friends try it. I think I just helped my quilt store sell a few more. The only problem, Quilters Garden can't keep them in stock, they sell so fast! I can't wait for them to carry more sizes! Thank you!!!
Review by  gfbquilter
(posted on 01/26,2019 17:30:18)
I love the rulers but would really like more sizes especially 3 1/2" square and 5 1/2" square.
Review by  Nellie
(posted on 01/16,2019 16:41:33)
Absolutely love these rulers!!! Finally a ruler that doesn’t slip. Wish I could say the same thing about your mats. Spent a lot of money on the 24 x 36 mat and the finish is so slippery the fabric slides very easily.
Review by  Kz
(posted on 01/10,2019 16:57:56)
Love, love love your rulers! Just cut out an entire quilt without a single slippage. I bought the 6x24 and drove 2 hours (one way) to get the 6 1/2 square and the 3x12. Thanks for the great product. By the way is it possible order directly?
Review by  Gfbquilter
(posted on 01/10,2019 02:20:47)
Love, love, love these rulers. They do every thing that they are supposed to do. better than any other rulers I ever used
Review by  NH Quilter
(posted on 01/05,2019 22:18:32)
These are the best rulers I've ever had. They really do stick to the fabric and make cutting easier. I wish they came in more sizes and shapes!
Review by  ksf
(posted on 01/03,2019 00:09:06)
I absolutely LOVE these rulers. I also would love to see more sizes available.
Review by  Jayda
(posted on 12/30,2018 22:07:21)
Love these rulers! Best rulers I have ever used. They do not slip, are easy to read and help me cut more accurately!
Review by  Marilyn
(posted on 12/18,2018 20:46:02)
Love, love these rulers! Of course today, i'm in need of a 3 inch square...no seam allowance....just a square ruler with the 45° angle line. Hopefully someday it'll be available! Great rulers!
Review by  Nancy in MN
(posted on 12/07,2018 19:49:06)
I only have the 6"x12" so far, and I love it because it truly is non-slip. I would love to get all the squares that end in 1/2" and am really hoping 8.5" x 24" is coming soon. I use that ruler size more than any other. Thanks for this wonderful product.
Review by  Shelley Scott-Tobisch
(posted on 11/19,2018 16:57:46)
I love these rulers. They hold securely to the fabric when cutting...no slippage. The lines of measure are easy to read. One really great surprise is that they don't reflect the light back in my eyes as I'm measuring and cutting. I only have 2 so far and am making the switch...I need to own each size of these wonderful rulers. Thank you!
Review by  Marita
(posted on 11/13,2018 02:38:36)
I have several rulers and the large square and the large mat. They are all wonderful and no slip!!! Couldn’t have asked for a better product. When I have a new need I’ll ask.
Review by  Sarah
(posted on 10/22,2018 00:20:12)
As a leftie I really enjoy these rulers!!
Review by  gbquilter
(posted on 10/04,2018 23:48:46)
I purchased the 6 x 24 ruler and absolutely love it. I Want to buy more.
Review by  I Piece to Please
(posted on 09/27,2018 14:52:29)
Love the rulers!!! Only problem is there not all the sizes I need. Will you be making more sizes? I would like the following sizes: 4 1/2 x 12 1/2, 4.5 x 16.5, 8.5 x 12.5, 8.5 x 16.5, 12.5 x 16.5 and 16.5 x 16.5
Review by  Sheinemeidle
(posted on 09/24,2018 00:54:00)
I LOVE these rulers. Best rulers I ever used and I tried most of them. They do not slip or slide and your cut is always accurate. It would be great to have the following rulers: (In order of my priority.) 8.5 x 24.5 and 8.5 x 18.5 and 8.5 x 12.5 and 2.5 x 6.5 and 2.5 x 18.5. Thank you, Alex, for all your brilliant idea.
Review by  GB
(posted on 09/16,2018 14:30:39)
I just purchased my first Quilters Ruler, a 6 x 24 - and it does everything the lady at the quilt store said it would do - and everything the lady in the videos on this website showed as well. I love it and plan to purchase more in the future. The non-slip feature is wonderful!!!!!
Review by  susieqwva
(posted on 09/11,2018 15:52:36)
Love your rulers, but like everyone else, would like more sizes. I would also like to see a 6” or 8” clamshell ruler.
Review by  ocreek
(posted on 09/09,2018 20:00:49)
I have replaced most of my quilting rulers with Quilters Rulers. They are without a doubt the best rulers I have ever used. In addition to the ruler size requests in earlier posts, I would really like to see some larger square rulers. E.g. 15 1/2 x 15 1/2 and 20 1/2 x 20 1/2.
Review by  Jan
(posted on 09/09,2018 18:50:42)
Love these rulers. Have 6 of them. Would love to see a 1/2” x 12” and a 2 1/2” x 18. Also love the rotar cutter.
Review by  cookie lady
(posted on 08/25,2018 00:46:01)
I bought your 6x12 inch ruler for it's non-slip feature. I then noticed the numbers went left to right as well as right to left. I'm left handed and for years I've grumbled about having to count backwards while measuring. Finally, someone has made a quilting ruler that's Leftie friendly!! Thank you for creating a wonderful product. I plan to start replacing all my rulers with Quilters s. (And I also like the fine lines for measuring-gives increased accuracy when cutting.)
Review by  Ems
(posted on 08/21,2018 21:54:18)
Love this ruler and I’ve been duped before with the no slip saying so just bout one! Wow! I’m impressed now I want my favorite of 8.5 x 12.5. Need this really badly please make it so much more versatile than any other size please pretty please! And oh my make them more available! Too hard to find them.
Review by  Elizabeth
(posted on 08/20,2018 20:08:42)
Love my ruler 6 x 12 ruler but would love to have a 1 x 18 or 1 x 12 version.
Review by  Gma Jo
(posted on 08/19,2018 21:22:17)
Love these rulers....waiting for you to include a 1.5 x 6" for those of us who do alot of small scrappy quilting. Thank you!!
Review by  Debra
(posted on 08/11,2018 17:50:56)
I have been able to test this ruler and purchased a small one. However I am having trouble finding other sizes. Thought I was going to be able to order off this sight but can’t figure it out. Love these rulers
Review by  Nichole
(posted on 08/08,2018 19:35:23)
Love your rulers. I would love to see an 8.5 x 18 or 8.5 x 24. Also my favorite ruler is a 6.5 x 24. Hoping that you will make these sizes soon. Would enjoy having all of my rulers you.
Review by  Rosemary
(posted on 07/24,2018 00:26:39)
I love the only ruler I have Quilters! I wish I could find them at stores in SC!! I got mine in a Quilty Box. It truly is non-slip and helps ensure accurate cutting.
Review by  Best Rulers Ever!
(posted on 07/21,2018 01:11:10)
Oh my gosh! I love these rulers. I plan on replacing all my old rulers with Quilters . Please, please make 3” x 18” ruler.
Review by  Painter 1
(posted on 07/12,2018 23:18:26)
Best rulers! Don't slip and slide and you can see clearly. Would like to see an 8 x 24 inch ruler and an 8 x 12 which would be more versatile for quilters. The 6 x 12 and 6x24 is not adequate for a lot of cutting.
Review by  Yinnis
(posted on 07/09,2018 00:59:56)
Love your rulers ... but would love to see a ruler 8.5”x12”
Review by  Reta
(posted on 07/07,2018 15:05:49)
I have three of your rulers and love them, I wish you would make a 3X18
Review by  JayKay
(posted on 07/04,2018 17:08:34)
Love love love your rulers. If I could put in a request, a 9.5 x 9.5 would be fantastic. The quilt I make most often is all that size squares. Absolutely love your rotary cutter. It is worth every penny and then some.
Review by  flytyingdiva
(posted on 06/30,2018 15:48:58)
I have owned your rulers for over 2 years, I several of them and will be adding to my collection. They do not slip off the fabric, they stick to the fabric. They are amazing, no more crooked cuts. Best rulers made by far. If you want to save time and money just try one, you will never buy another brand of ruler and will give your old rulers away.
Review by  Tori
(posted on 06/09,2018 10:02:11)
Would love a 3 1/2” x 24”
Review by  Sew Savvy
(posted on 06/04,2018 17:11:51)
Own six of your rulers, 3 cutting mates, and rotary cutter but still feel like something is missing, a 3” or 3 1/2” x 18” Ruler. Any hope for this size ruler?
Review by  PatF
(posted on 06/04,2018 12:36:12)
Love, love, love this ruler. Does not slip or slide. Thank you!
Review by  Colodebi37
(posted on 06/02,2018 21:34:32)
Fantastic rulers. EXCELLENT educator! Awesome event in Grand Junction, Colorado
Review by  Quilting Farmstead/ Lathrop, MO
(posted on 05/24,2018 19:42:21)
We use and sell your products... love the rulers and mats! Hoping you will make non slip templates. Like a 60 degree triangle, which would be so helpful.
Review by  Gayle
(posted on 04/24,2018 17:47:02)
love my new rulers, but I am hoping for a 3"" in the future?? Pretty Please??
Review by  San
(posted on 04/19,2018 05:54:08)
I bought one last fall and love it! I would trade many of my old rulers for quilters Rulers! They truly are nonslips! Thanks for creating these wonderful rulers!
Review by  Lil Gummy
(posted on 04/16,2018 06:11:21)
I just go my 6x24 ruler yesterday at the International Quilt Show in Rosemont, Il yesterday. I really love how the fabric just sticks to the ruler making the cutting just that more accurate. I want to get the 6x12 and the 12.5x12.5 rulers as well. I also got the 24x36 mat. I love these products and will recommend any quilter to buy the will not be disappointed.
Review by  Polly
(posted on 04/07,2018 12:31:28)
Best ruler I have ever used! Discovered it at a quilt shop in the FL panhandle. No more slipping and sliding when I cut fabric. I have converted a friend and am working on others. I'm slowly replacing my other rulers with Quilters . I will be looking for you in Houston in November.
Review by  Judy M
(posted on 03/27,2018 00:01:04)
Arthritis in every finger joint, and no cartilage left at the base of either thumb, but still quilting because of these rulers. Very light pressure holds them in place. I can't press hard enough to stabilize those other brands anymore. I'm slowly replacing with QS: I have 3x12, 6x12, 6.6x6.5, and recently 12.5x12.5. I use them with my old mat on the cutting table, and they work well, but with my QS mat by my machine it feels like a modern miracle. Would love an 8.5x24, if anyone's asking :). It's the demonstrations that really makes you appreciate this product, because quilters think they have a ruler that sticks---and I have all those rulers, too--- but they are nothing like this. Thanks!
Review by  Honeygram
(posted on 03/26,2018 19:43:44)
Quilting shop demined one ... have to have ...
Review by  JaniceB
(posted on 03/25,2018 22:25:40)
These are wonderful rulers. There is no slippage when cutting fabric, they stay put! I own the 6x24 and 5x5 rulers. I am replacing my Creative Grids with this brand of rulers.
Review by  Societyslady
(posted on 03/25,2018 10:44:35)
I was at a quilt show and at one of the booths they had one displayed to try. It was love at first sight when I tried it no movement at all I felt more in control holding the ruler as I was cutting it was so smooth. I even brought it to class my teacher even was impressed. Need to purchase other sizes.
Review by  Deb Zimmerman
(posted on 03/21,2018 04:42:04)
I am holding a beginning quilting class. Your rulers were topic when cutting was discussed. We had our second evening together and all 9 persons are in search of Or have purchased your ruler(s). Love promoting good products!!! Thank you Alex!!!!!
Review by  Deb
(posted on 03/13,2018 14:56:16)
great rulers they do not slip at all makers cutting much easy
Review by  De Murr
(posted on 03/07,2018 20:37:19)
I am gradually replacing all of my rulers with yours. I love the thin lines. My cutting is so much more accurate using your rulers.
Review by  Dona
(posted on 02/24,2018 20:36:49)
This is the most awesome ruler I have EVER used. I highly recommend it. As a longarmer, it makes my job trimming out quilts a real breeze!
Review by  CJG
(posted on 02/05,2018 00:48:27)
I have the 6x12 and 6x24 and love them. These rulers almost seem to know to go and they never slip; amazing. My favorite and most useful size for a ruler is one you don’t offer but wish you would... the 8”x14”ruler is one I have and use a lot because the 6” width just doesn’t get the job done a lot of times.
Review by  Kim
(posted on 02/02,2018 19:34:47)
I fell in love with these rulers the moment I saw them. I already have two rulers that I love and use the most (6 x 12 and 6 x 24 by another brand). I did not see myself ever replacing these ruler ever (unless they broke or wore out). But the nonslip back was all it took for me to change my mind. I was actually on the Quilter's Quest shop hop in Virginia when I saw these rulers. It was all I could do not to buy them immediately. I was that taken with these rulers. Christmas was coming and I wanted not to make any unplanned purchases until holiday shopping was done. Finally last weekend (1/24/18) I picked up the 6 x 24 and this weekend I'm going back for the 6 x12. I've used the 6 x 24 already. The non-slip back improves the accuracy of my cutting. I am undecided which squares to invest in. It will most likely be the 12 x 12 and 6 x 6. I will wish for a 21.5 x 21.5 or an 18 x 18 square ruler. (I use my sister's 21.5 x 21.5 ruler a lot! But I put weights on it to keep it still while I cut) This is simply excellent product.
Review by  Lollie
(posted on 01/28,2018 18:43:06)
Love my Quilting rulers. Have several. Wish you would make a 4.5 by 4.5. Thanks so much!
Review by  Rosie
(posted on 01/26,2018 05:38:50)
Just bought the 6 x 12 ruler after it was demoed by a quilt shop I was visiting. I love the way it does not move and even more, the way the measuring lines are so thin. it made it so much easier to line up on the fabric and make the cuts more accurate. I will be going back to get the rest of the collection.
Review by  Grandma
(posted on 01/19,2018 18:22:14)
I absolutely love both the 6.5X24 ruler and the rotary cutter. I was a little hesitant at first because they were a little pricey for me, but I will definitely be looking at more to buy. The non-slide feature of the ruler is excellent and for the first time I have confidence in using a rotary cutter.
Review by  Lori
(posted on 01/18,2018 19:00:29)
I love these rulers. I love most the fact that they don't slip. I also love the nice thin and accurate lines. Pair this rulers with the QS mats and even better! I am getting a more perfect quarter inch seam now too. I teach begining quilting classes all year round. I always insist they start out with these rulers. They learn so much faster when there's no slipping! Once my customers get one, they come back for the rest of the sizes!
Review by  Sharon
(posted on 01/17,2018 20:30:45)
These rulers are amazing, they do not slip! Someone brought one to embroidery club and I tried it out. I promptly purchased one! I previously tried many tricks to keep my quilting rulers slipping, stick on dots and strips, skateboard tape, etc. etc. This ruler is so much better.
Review by  Tricia
(posted on 01/15,2018 00:36:27)
All the Quilters Rulers! They are fantastic. Tried the 6” first and had the most accurate squaring up experience ever. My husband bought me several for Christmas. Working towards the whole set! Thank you Alex!
Review by  Stephanie
(posted on 01/14,2018 17:56:59)
I have the 3x12 and 6x24 and love them! They really don’t slip! Please consider making the 2.5 in square with diagonal marks and the 3.5 in square. They would be awesome for squaring up half square triangles. Thank you for an awesome product!
Review by  JaneD
(posted on 01/13,2018 21:06:37)
I got the mat, rotary cutter and 3 sizes of these rulers for Christmas. They are absolutely fantastic. I can/t say enough good about them. The rulers do not slip which had been a big problem for me. I would always get a crooked cut because the ruler pivoted. Not these rulers. Thank I want the rest.
Review by  Kat
(posted on 01/04,2018 15:43:09)
I love these rulers. They truly do not slip and make cutting so much easier. I do have to be careful when using the ones with the extra .5 inches. I have cut some pieces incorrectly.
Review by  Tobies
(posted on 01/01,2018 14:24:27)
I purchased the 6x24 and love it, wish they made a 3x18. these are the two I use the most.
Review by  Joanie
(posted on 12/04,2017 02:05:41)
I walked into a new quilt shop to check out their new block of the month. The owner said look at this ruler. Oh my, I was so surprised, it didn't move on the material. Needless to say I bought the 6x24. It does exactly as expected. I'm a new quilter, love this product and will be buying more. Thank you for your creations!
Review by  Suse
(posted on 12/02,2017 00:53:22)
I have a 6X24 and the amount of money I have saved by making more accurate cuts with no slipping has paid for this ruler 10 fold. I do like this ruler a lot. I have nerve damage in my hands and this ruler makes it so much safer to cut because it doesn't slip. Thank you so much.
Review by  Bridgette
(posted on 11/25,2017 15:59:48)
Love mine! But would be extremely interested in a 6.5 x 24 and a 2.5 x 12. Any idea if those will be coming out soon?
Review by  NSH
(posted on 11/07,2017 17:13:44)
Bought the 6x12 and it is AMAZING! Best new item I’ve seen in years! I am going back to purchase 2 more. Wish they made a 12x24 (that is my go to ruler).
Review by  Bunny
(posted on 11/03,2017 02:31:37)
These rulers are my favorite!
Review by  Pepalapu
(posted on 10/15,2017 05:20:13)
I borrowed several rulers at a quilt camp and had to have them. So easy to see clearly, no wide lines or obstructions to see fabric edge underneath template. So happy I've finally found rulers that do not slip.
Review by  cj
(posted on 09/27,2017 17:44:52)
Bought one of the 6-1/2 x 6-1/2, and went back the next day and bought a 6 x 12, they really don't slip, very easy to accurately cut, thin lines make cutting and piecing even more accurate, going back again to get the 6 x 24, they are my new go to rulers, the ones I have now will move to the back of the closet.
Review by  Judith
(posted on 09/22,2017 17:10:39)
I absolutely LOVE these rulers. Positively perfect. I think my favorite is the 3" x 12". Only thing better would be adding a 3" x 18" (or even 15"). Sometimes the 3" x 12" is just a little too short and then I switch to the 6" x 24" but it's a little cumbersome.
Review by  Genevieve
(posted on 09/06,2017 03:11:08)
This is now my most favorite rulerI own. I picked one up at the quilt shop in Suttons Bay, MI and now wish I had gotten them all!!! I will be replacing all my rulers with the Quilter's rulers!!
Review by  Dee
(posted on 08/19,2017 19:35:39)
Just was introduced to these rulers at a local quilt shop. The shop had just been introduced to them as well. So impressed by the brief demo I purchased the 6 x 24 ruler. Tried it at home doing different cuts. It never moved. Will get the 12.5 x 12.5 then find happy homes for my collection of rulers. Am already telling my quilting frinds about these rulers.
Review by  CamSew
(posted on 08/15,2017 17:02:50)
I love these rulers, They are by far the best I've ever used. Used with the Quilting Mats, measuring and cutting is a breeze and more accurate than I've ever experienced. I have the original sizes and intend to purchase the newer 5.5", 6.5" and 12.5" square rulers. I have many other brand rulers but no longer use any of them. Quilting rulers and mats all the way all the time!
Review by  DeeDee
(posted on 08/09,2017 18:03:26)
I purchased the 6 x 24 at a quilt class. I was frustrated with my arthritic hands not being strong enough to hold my other rulers in place without slipping. The instructor allowed me to try hers out in the classroom. I left the class to go purchase my own. I can easily cut without slipping now. What a great product this ruler is. I am working on buying the mat and cutter and the 6 x 12 ruler next.
Review by  Jan
(posted on 08/04,2017 17:17:36)
Bought the 6" x12" ruler. After opening and using I was so excited to discover that finally there is a company that has products for lefties! I will be adding rulers, mats and cuters to my quilting inventory. Love having a how to video demostrated by a leftie. Thank you.
Review by  Mikki
(posted on 08/01,2017 14:42:44)
These rulers are the best fabric rulers on the market today. I tried one at a quilt show in March 2016 and I instantly wanted one in every size they made even though I already have multiples of the same sizes. They are the first truly non-slip ruler I have ever used, Omnigrip, Creative Grids, Olfa, none of them come close to being as grippy as these rulers. I use them on all types of fabric including delicate silks,voiles, quilting cotton, decor weight, denims and even heavy tent canvas and they have worked equally well on all fabrics. And after a year and a half of use the grippiness has not diminished one bit with nearly daily use. I will continue to buy ever size they put out.
Review by  Cheryl
(posted on 07/13,2017 07:16:47)
These rulers have been the best thing I've bought for my quilting studio in the past ten years! It's all I use now! Can't say enough about them. I think I'm going to have to spring for that rotary cutter too!
Review by  Karen
(posted on 06/25,2017 15:33:15)
I have been quilting for 35 years and have used rulers for a very long time. My girlfriend told me to try Quilters ruler that she got at a local quilt store. Quilters is by far the best ruler around. It does not slip and cuts are very accurate. LOVE this product. I now have three sizes and plan to get more!!!
Review by  BCS
(posted on 06/21,2017 15:50:15)
This ruler is fabulous! I bought one at a local sewing store, and have since purchased another, and am going to get two more. Love 'em!!! I have shared with other quilters about this company. Thank you ever so much!
Review by  TammyT
(posted on 06/17,2017 02:54:23)
Fantastic rulers!!!!! I am so excited to use them each time. I've recently had shoulder and elbow issues and these rulers relieve that push and stabilize feeling we get when cutting. These rulers eliminate all that and let's you always cut exactly needed!! Thank you so much for making these rulers!!!!
Review by  Cindy
(posted on 05/31,2017 18:25:49)
These are the very best rulers ever made! They don't slip and the sizes are perfect for any quilt project. I now have the complete set. The rotary cutter and mats are great too.
Review by  Chris
(posted on 05/11,2017 08:13:11)
Excellent ruler! I LOVE the thin lines. This ruler just doesn't slip and it lays totally flat on the fabric, no raised dots for gripping. It's easy to see through to the fabric. This ruler is easily the best on the market. I'm definitely replacing some of my other rulers with quilters . Perfect rulers!
Review by  JoJo
(posted on 04/27,2017 00:52:49)
I recently bought the 6 X 12 ruler and I absolute love it. It holds the fabric perfectly.
Review by  tnmtgrl
(posted on 03/30,2017 23:24:53)
These rulers are the best I have ever used, I tell all my quilting friends about them.
Review by  Cb
(posted on 03/11,2017 18:29:22)
This cutting system-rulers, mat, and rotary cutter is a game changer for quilters. We now have high quality tools that take the "slip", "slide", "tricky" out of our lives. These tools are a quantum leap ahead of anything we had before. Keep this line coming, I'm retooling the sewing room!!
Review by  Red
(posted on 03/11,2017 00:19:19)
Love the 6x12 & 6 x 24 ruler. After using these then using my "regular" 6 1/2", 8 1/2" & 12 1/2" rulers to square up my blocks it makes me wish QS had rulers that size . My quilt group is hoping these come in the near future!!!!
Review by  JG
(posted on 03/10,2017 16:03:25)
Absolutely love this ruler!! All my cuts are perfect because it doesn't slip!! Wish I had the whole set!!! I plan to purchase a couple more of them ASAP!!
Review by  Amy
(posted on 03/06,2017 06:02:38)
I purchased a Quilters ruler at a quilt show. I was very skeptical. Now I wish I would've purchased the entire set!
Review by  Carol
(posted on 02/11,2017 13:48:22)
I recently purchased some of these rulers at an event and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. The way they hold the fabric with slipping is fantastic, and they are so easy to read. I want all of them! Also want to try the mats.
Review by  Cyn
(posted on 11/09,2016 04:47:32)
I bought two rulers in Houston at the Festival. I wish that I had bought all of them. The non-slip is fabulous.
Review by  Jane
(posted on 10/21,2016 17:00:08)
Purchased one ruler at the Ohio One Stop Shop Hop last week....wish I had gotten a second! The 6x24 works exactly as advertised. Only disadvantage seems to be that some fabric you actually have to slightly lift the ruler to adjust the line-up. Hubby predicted I would want to replace all my rulers when I tried this one and I laughed. I am so not laughing now! I am trying to remember which Quilt shop had the best price to go get a square one for squaring up! It isn't often that you try a new-to-you product that meets all expectations, but this does. My only reservation (yes, I am a worrier) is whether the nonslip surface will gradually loose its "grip". Thanks for a great product!
Review by  Diane
(posted on 10/05,2016 13:06:29)
I recently purchased two of these rulers, 6 x 24 and 12 x 12, and I am very impressed with how easy it is to see the fabric under the ruler and making sure it is lined up properly. They don't slide like my old rulers (no matter what method I tried to make them nonslip) and I don't have to use as much pressure to hold them down while cutting. I used an 8.5" by 24" ruler all the time, and I do miss having that size, so I hope you will consider making one that size in the future. These are my new "go to" rulers.
Review by  Wilma
(posted on 09/29,2016 01:49:21)
I just purchased the QS-RUL6X24 (6"w x 24"l) ruler this past weekend and have been using it ever since! I just love how it doesn't slip or slide around. I only wish it was made as an 8"w x 24"l, too! Thank you Mark for the demo at Alden Lane!!
Review by  BB
(posted on 09/13,2016 15:00:15)
Bought 6x24 last weekend at quilt show used it went to local shop but out all but 12x12 after trimming a quilt this morning going to buy the 12x12 when are you going to make speciality rulers?
Review by  Rita
(posted on 08/18,2016 02:22:37)
I started with the 6 x 12 ruler, and loved it so much I got the 6 x 6, 8 x 8 and 6 x 24. Absolutely no slippage! I make quilt as you go blocks in the 6" and 8" size. These rulers make it a breeze to trim. So happy about the even size... makes my life a lot easier!
Review by  akmarilyn
(posted on 05/18,2016 03:07:36)
I bought the 6x24" and 6x12 rulers in April and I love them! The numbers are easy to read and the non-skid coating is fabulous. I haven't had a botched cut since I bought them. I'm going to buy the 6x6, 8x8 and 12x12 as soon as I get done writing this!
Review by  Penny
(posted on 05/15,2016 16:04:49)
I bought the 6 x 24 ruler at a quilt show - I have alway HATED this size ruler because no matter how I tried, it ALWAYS slipped.... Well, I LOVE this ruler and now I want more!!!!
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