Month: May 2023

Embroidery Stabilizers for Beginners

Hi, I’m Susan from Sewfeet.com and today we’re talking about stabilizer basics. Embroidery stabilizers are a key element in machine embroidery. They provide a firm foundation that can support the thread that is used to create the design being stitched. Without them, the fabric would be puckered around the design once it is un-hooped, and […]

Stitch by Stitch

Hi, I’m Susan from Sewfeet.com. I don’t know about you, but I love sewing machine stitches! Today’s machines have hundreds (or more) stitches in a variety of styles – florals, geometrics, cross stitches, abstract designs, and more. I also love making mini art quilts. In today’s post, I am combining the two with a simple […]