Month: June 2023

Stars and Stripes Pillow Wrap

Do you like to decorate your house for all or most holidays? Do you like to make your own decorations? Independence Day is coming up soon and I have an easy way to add holiday touches to your home decor. Hi, I’m Susan from Sewfeet.com and this post is about changing your decorator pillows to […]

Quilters Select Rulers

Before we get to rulers that we use for rotary cutting, let’s talk about rotary cutters. The rolling rotary cutter, designed to cut fabric, came about in 1979. Sewers everywhere, especially quilters, traded their scissors for a rotary cutter. Hi, this is Susan from Sewfeet.com and today’s post is about rulers and how many you […]

Tutorial: Fabric Tray

Hi, I’m Susan from Sewfeet.com and today’s project is made with two squares of fabric and a special interlining material that gives it structure. This simple fabric tray is easy to sew and can be used to hold jewelry, bath items, loose change and almost any small items that need a home. I’m using mine […]